Buttons are one of the most classic and most defined ways of adding design details to clothes. They are as ancient as clothing itself. Besides the general idea that they are used to fasten pieces together, they are also purely decorative, and considered as an important piece of art.

They have found their way from women garments, into menswear. Buttons are now used in men pants, shirts, underwears, vests, sleeves, and even suits. Also, it is imperative to know that wearing an absolute style for suit entails not closing the last buttons. Buttons of the samples can be found below. 


There are different types of button used on suits, and they include but not limited to:

Corozo : They are made strictly from corozo or tagua nuts. They possess premium shelf life, resist fading, and are also usually resistant to scratching. The corozo nut is naturally porous, which makes it easily absorb dyes; thereby producing beautiful and colourful buttons, which matches any available suit fabric.

Horn : These are made primarily from horns; although some could be made from hooves of animals such am sheep, rams, goats etcetera. Because of their uniqueness, stylishness, durability, structure, pattern, subtlety and even colour grading, they are perfect for suit.

Polyester: These are by far the most common. They can imitate any natural buttons because they are made from versatile materials, and could practically imitate or act as faux-button materials, as against the originally produced ones. It offers you a variety of colour choices and sizes, which creates a platform for you to make custom pieces. 

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