The collection epitomizes inspiration from the red planet, nature, frozen deserts, twilight clouds, landscapes pierced by meteorites, and nuclear dust. A sundown in Mars invokes a sort of sci-fi metaphor of a not-so-distant nightmarish future if humans eventually invade Mars.

Named by the Romans as their god of war, the collection tells the tale of the wilder the better, softness, comfort, Elegance & richness. The apparel was delivered in an intense palette of brown, blood Red & black, with occasional flashes of white, while keeping the silhouette alternatively clean and languid.

The primary fabric selection for jackets was crepe, a generally soft, draping material. Mahogany red-coloured, brown & White faux fur coat, windowpane check & plain wool fabric
Below is the gallery of images.

Styling – @thestyleinfidel@thestyleinfidelstudios
Art Direction – @badefuwa
Photography- @dreampicturex
Hair – @zubbydefinition
Makeup – @casskoncept1
Brand – @dejiandkola @eveandmay_
Model – @bethmodelafrica

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