Aligning Creativity, Unit Economics & Scale (The UK Journey)

dejiandkola, the prominent fashion house synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and style founded in 2017 by two brothers, has made its debut in the United Kingdom with the opening of its first store in Kent. The 1162.5 sq ft store is located at 34, St. Georges Shopping center, Gravesend, DA11 OTA, United Kingdom. 

As the fashion world closely monitors this milestone, let’s delve into the significance of this strategic move.

Location Matters:

The choice of location for our inaugural UK store is not random. Kent, which is 46 miles away from London, a global fashion capital, offers a strong tapestry of culture, style, and diversity—a perfect canvas for the dejiandkola brand to test yet another hypothesis of scaling internationally. In May 2023, the brand opened its first international store in Calgary Canada.

Embracing the Nigerian Diaspora:

The brand currently serves over 60% of its customers internationally with the US & UK taking the lead in sales. With a sizable Nigerian community in the UK, estimated at over 200,000 individuals, according to recent census data, our expansion holds particular significance. The brand recognizes the importance of catering for this demographic, offering a touch of home with our exquisite collections while also appealing to a broader audience seeking authentic, culturally rich fashion experiences.

The Deji & Kola HQ Lekki, lagos nigeria


Closer to Our Customers:

In an era of global connectivity, proximity to our international clientele is of great importance, by establishing a physical presence in the UK, we streamline operations, reduce shipping times, and enhance the overall customer experience. From London to Lagos, New York to Nairobi, the brand is committed to bringing our signature craftsmanship closer to refined fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Elevating Quality Standards:

At DejiandKola, excellence is non-negotiable. Hence, why the brand has consistently invested in High Scale Sewing Machinery, Lean Operational Structure,  Research & Development. As we prepare to introduce our brand to UK consumers, meticulous efforts are underway to uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. From sourcing premium fabrics to refining our production processes, every detail is carefully curated to ensure that our customers receive nothing short of perfection.

Introducing “Sundown in Mars” Collection:

“Experience the cosmic elegance of our latest collection, “Sundown on Mars,” where earthly elegance meets the enigmatic allure of the Red Planet. The collection epitomizes inspiration from the red planet, nature, frozen desert, twilight clouds, landscapes pierced by meteorites and nuclear dust. A sundown in mars invokes a sort of Sci-fi metaphor of a not so distant nightmarish future, if humans eventually invade mars.

The brand will welcome its teeming customers to a preview of its collection in the uk store on the 23rd of March 2023 from 10am prompt. Customers will have the opportunity to engage the brand, review the clothing and raise awareness around its community.

Styling – @thestyleinfidel @thestyleinfidelstudios 

Art Direction – @badefuwa 

Photography- @dreampicturex 

Hair – @zubbydefinition 

Make up – @casskoncept1

Brand – @dejiandkola @eveandmay_ 

Model – @bethmodelafrica 

In conclusion, the opening of our first store in the UK marks a significant milestone for Deji & Kola —a testament to our unwavering dedication to creativity, culture, and customer satisfaction. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite fashion enthusiasts to join us in celebrating the fusion of tradition and modernity, as embodied by the timeless elegance of the brand.


Deji & Kola 

18th Of March 2024

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