Planning a wedding can be a really overwhelming and stressful process, leaving you with all forms of anxiety and jittery feelings. Again, there’s the excitement that comes with it. Amidst all of the excitement and jamboree, few things needs to be planned and placed accordingly, in order for you to have yourself a monumental and well planned August wedding. If you are planning during a pandemic kindly take extra precautions.

Below are a few of the powerpoint decisions taken into consideration when planning a wedding If you have decided not to work with a paid wedding Planner:

wedding theme

Choose A Theme: What’s your preference? What’s the preference of your partner? What are your personalities like? Would you love to have yourselves the traditional kind of wedding? Or go a little modern? How about contemporary? Choosing a theme that ranges from wedding type, to colour selections, to number of attendees, the type of feeding etiquette, etcetera, helps you find a balance between you and your spouse’s personalities, and how smoothly other planning processes are going to ride. Another important aspect is choosing the perfect color of cloth that would match and flow with the decoration of the day. 

Budget: This is an obvious important process. It inevitably controls the helm of how this boat is going to sail. Budgeting is important because it gives you an overview of how the wedding is going to run, creating a platform for you to know what’s going in or out of the checklist.

In this process, you have to decide how much resource the events decoration team is having, how much resources caterers are consuming, what resource percentages are your wedding gown and tuxedo going to exhaust? How about official photographers? Or even your wedding venues?

All of these blueprints invariably creates a platform for you to keep track of how much you’re spending, helps you prioritize certain goals and objectives, plan for emergencies, and ultimately helps you choreograph your spending.

Create A Structure: How do you want the wedding to run? When do the guests come in? How do you curb unwanted guests? Do you want a large or small wedding? Is there a special court for photographers, cinematographers and videographers? An MC or a voice-over? A DJ or a live band? When all of these are properly considered, a really good wedding structure would be birthed.

Choosing your wedding date

Select A  Date: Wedding dates are very significant, as it is the birth of something really beautiful and fastooning; and worth celebrating every year to come. This is why selecting a date is also of prior importance. How significant are the numbers? How significant is the month? What seasons are best memorable to you and your partner? Select the best feasible dates, months, and seasons. Yes, weddings could be this beautiful.

Again, planning a wedding could be a really tenacious exercise; but there is the beauty that comes with carrying out exercises especially with/ for someone you care about, and would love to spend eternity with. Processes like these should be enjoyed and cherished. It is total beauty in itself!

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