Haha!! This is very hilarious!
Hello Man;
Hey Sis;
You see that unnerving feeling that is wrapped in anxiety and all shades of paralytic apprehension? It is totally normal

Come on!! You are about to finally tie the knot with someone you truly appreciate their presence in your life, and probably wondering how best to further appreciate it when you finally start to live together. You are totally allowed to feel butterflies in your stomach…metaphorically! It proves your level of sanity and humane nature.

However, never forget that things may not go as planned; but in other for you not to flop or grant permission to anxiety into ruining your big day, here are a few things you could do to keep a positive attitude:

Remind Yourself Why: Take time to remind yourself why you’re about to say yes to this person. How much joy you’ve found in one person. The Peace they came with. The idea of no longer waking up to lovable texts, but a lovable face. The idea of finally spending forever, and making a home with someone you truly care about. How very comfortable you feel around them. How they’ve embraced you in your worst and most vulnerable moments. All the times they’ve defended you, and proved time and time again how well you both deserve each other. Their warm welcome towards your flaws; changing and trying to shape you to become better for yourself and them.

Whilst reminding yourself on all the reasons you agreed to build a home with your partner,

Smile: As you begin to reminisce on all the amazing and flattering qualities that made you find solace in your partner, bestow a really wide smile. This will greatly help to reduce the tension and jumpy feeling hovering in your system. Remember that they’re your happy place, and you deserve to be happy. Think about all the night calls and texting; then have yourself a really good laugh.

Be Composed: Purposely shun all forms of misgivings and negative conducts. Pull yourself together and focus on yourself and your partner. Constantly remind yourself with a relaxed mind and broad smile that it is about you. It is your day; how much work you have placed into it, and how nobody should take away your happiness. Maintain a really relaxed debonair, and have yourself a memorable big day.

The never ending thoughts of how you are about to legally finish up the process of going to finally be with the one you care about after so much wait could be a bit aggressive. However, constant reminder of your happy place and thoughts remains the best therapy. Jittery feelings during the big day would forever be a thing, but working towards keeping a healthy attitude and demeanor is forever a classic and more stable antidote. 

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