• The Nigerian menswear industry has evidently gone through series of multiple evolving stages. It hallmarked some really fierce styling, and unapologetic cut out silhouettes. It is indeed safe to say that there were a few elements of versatility in the apparels.


  • The 1970’s Nigerian men’s style featured tightly fitted boot-cut pants, and loose pleated pants made especially from faux-leather fabrics; both tight and loosely fitted long sleeved shirts, with a lot of vibrant prints, patterns, and very mundane colours. They styled, accessorised, and rocked their unrepentant ideas of fashion with large framed glasses, multiple neck chain pieces, wristwatches, and the classic afro wig. These looks when seen on pictures in this current 21st century has left them with a feeling of nostalgia; and even impacted some sense of mild envy on the current 21st century man.

  • However, since fashion is a never ending process, and style is still very much classic, indigenous Nigerian menswear design brands including Atafo, dejiandkolaOrange Culture, Emmy Kasbit and the likes are starting to incorporate some of the 1970’s aesthetics into their design details.

It’s indeed safe to say that classic menswear design prowess is a forever rolling ball, and creativity is what guides it.



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