Cultures and Traditions are undoubtedly a way of life. Although a few things have changed over the years, there are still some elements that would forever be timeless. One of these, is dressing.

Tailored Check Fabric Agbada Classic Agbada with Etu Aso Oke Hat

Even though change equals dynamism, traditional dress sense and style is one that has stood the stretch and stress of time; and it is healthy to state that Agbada is more or less the supernova of this category.

The history of this classic apparel lies amongst the Islamic Tukulor, Mandé and people of the 8th century; then the Mali and Songhai Empires in the 13th century. After series of seemingly stunning modifications, the Agbada garment found it’s way on high demand into Nigeria, upon still maintaining its aesthetic values.

Here are a few reasons why it’ll never go out of style:

  • Tradition: Leave it to the African people to understand what this stands for, uphold its values, and effortlessly indoctrinate these values into generations after them. The Agbada is a traditional garment, and it provides the African people with some shrewd sense of style, and a general idea of expression that they’re both upholding and uplifting their tradition through how they look.


  • Versatility: As earlier stated, the Agbada garment has undergone series of modifications, and one of them is Versatility. Formerly, it was worn by the Male Rulers and Elites. As time progressed, the common men found a way to adopt this dress sense. Still on the progression of time, dynamism and modification permitted it to be worn by women, and even the present day 21st century kids.


  • Diversity: Originally, the Agbada garment was principally for the Northerners and Westerners of Nigeria, until it began to subtly spread across the four pillars of the country. Currently, anyone and everyone who could afford this apparel can style it anywhere. Agbada is now consciously worn to occasions, services, marriages, parties and events, generally.


The Style in itself is one of the reasons it will still be formidably timeless. It is a very comfortable three-piece that leaves everyone green with jealousy, especially when it is properly executed. It has allowed room for Creative minds to explore, and produce patterns that are usually thought inconceivable. Details has made it even more sophisticated, and this could be achieved by Stoning, Weaving, Appliqué applications, Industrial Knitting, Threading Colours, Neck lines; and a host of other creative dynamics.

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