Unargueably, the Yoruba Traditional wedding attire is really something that makes weddings in Yorubaland so picturesque and festive-looking. No matter how wealthy the bride and groom are – their attires will be so luxurious that even a king would freely wear them.

If we were to also mention that the Yoruba wedding is full of so much of colour, vibrancy and excitement, it won’t be an exaggeration. The Yoruba traditional wedding attires wow everyone that has ever seen this type of wedding for the first time. First, the Yoruba bride is elegantly made up and then she displays her dancing prowess. The friends of the groom prepare to rock the wedding in their Yoruba demons demeanor. In this article, we will focus on two variables which are *yoruba traditional wedding colors and *yoruba traditional wedding attires.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Colours

Appropriately deciding colours for your traditional wedding can be a little bit dicey. Regardless of the fact that the bride is mostly given the privilege to pick colours, it is important to make sure that the groom and his family are carried along. It can be very frustrating to finally decide on your traditional wedding colours especially if you have a lot of fashion savvy friends as the bride or your husband-to-be siblings are style maniacs.

Colour-picking in the yoruba traditional wedding is however necessary as it adds so much of glamour to the ceremony. In scenario where it is becoming too difficult to agree on a colour, pick a choice from both families and hope to God that the colours match. Examples of cool and popular colour combinations of your traditional Yoruba wedding are:

Purple and yellow

Blue and silver

Blue and yellow

Cobalt blue and red

Wine and cream

Red and cream

White and any other colour

Silver and any other colour

All white and hints of another colour (you can be daring anyway)

Peach and light green

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attires

Like we mentioned earlier, the colours that comprise the Yoruba wedding are enough to keep you excited. Aso oke, lace and guinea are liberally used in this type of wedding.
We have some very interesting pictures of the Yoruba wedding attires below.

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