Lagos is no doubt the biggest commercial city in Nigeria. It represents over three-quarter of the country’s mass-market. Every Saturday is famously known for its numerous activities, and one of such activities is Wedding. It has grown to become the fashion capital of the country whilst also competing with Johannesburg in South Africa to lead in Africa.

According to Stears Business, Within a decade, Nigeria’s fashion industry has grown in size and sophistication, attracting global attention. Going by GDP data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the “textile, apparel, and footwear” sector has averaged growth of 17% since 2010.

This rise has been fuelled by an increase in demand but also partly by unprecedented initiatives that continue to edge Nigeria into the global fashion consciousness. Events such as Lagos Fashion Week have championed this movement through their anticipated annual runway shows and incubator-style techniques used to grow brands.

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As weddings are also famous events in this bubbly city filled with numerous fashion designers and tailors alike, ladies are left with the dilemma of selecting their wedding gown tailors from a sprawling list of internationally acclaimed wedding dress designers such as April by Kunbi, Kosibah label, Deola Sagoe, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (LDA),Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku known as Toju Foyeh,yemi shoyemi and our own very best deji and kola bridal


Below are a few tips you could employ when choosing your wedding gown tailor:

Budget: This is by far the most important thing to take record of when selecting your wedding gown tailor. Because Lagos is a city that houses tailors and fashion designers scattered all over its corners, there would always be a tailor whose works houses your budget. Make a survey, ask questions, get your answers, make a choice that provides you with a balance of both your style and budget.

Search For Experienced and Professional Tailors: Again, the city houses a lot of tailors. Whilst making your survey, it is advisable to search for brands or  ateliers (preferably bespoke brands) whose niche cuts across making bespoke gowns for every woman and size. This means that they already have experience and expertise, making consultations with them a smooth ride. Yes, it is pretty cliche to say that experienced bespoke brands really deliver when it comes to clean cut wedding gowns; but the genuinity, expertise, and years of experience is what makes that statement true.

Know Your Body: As much as you want to leave all of the work to your tailor, know what you want. Have a preference. Picture an idea of what you want, and look for tailors that can interpret your ideas. What’s your size? Would you look best in a princess cut corset ball gown; or a gown with multiple tiers? What if it were fitted with knee or thigh-high slits? All of these a little things you have to have decided. It would sort of create a platform for you to know which tailors can understand and interpret the ideas when you go for survey and consultation.

Do Personal Research: Whilst you survey, do personal background checks on the tailors before settling for them. Check how durable and how much quality the fabrics they’re using are; How efficient they are; To what extent do that go to carry out the perfect execution? All these and a few others are what you have to look for.

Work With Your Groom: Most time choosing colors and the right theme is quite important, using a color that works with the groom would help give you the perfect look for that day. Choose below for varieties of colors and design from our premium store.

Wedding gowns are what people see before they take a look at the bride, and how beautiful she looks in it. Bear in mind that you do not have to break the bank to look really appealing in your wedding dress. It’s your day; make sure you look good and very comfortable with what you’ve got on!

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