The COVID-19 pandemic, its exponential spread and its obvious adverse effects are no longer news. Although the increasing spread of the virus in countries such as Nigeria can not be compared to other western countries, citizens of Nigeria are now threading with caution. As at time of publication according to NCDC, there are 22614 confirmed cases, 7822 discharged whilst a total death of 549 has been recorded.

Its factual that the pandemic in Nigeria is causing economic and financial insolvency on daily bases, especially in Nigeria’s commercial city- Lagos. This renowned and most celebrated city is hitting rock bottom, and it is doing it at a very fast pace. The continued surge of the exchange which currently stands at N450 – $1 is affecting the material input for bespoke tailors whilst the purchasing powers of the buyers has remained the same.

This has caused every business owners and entrepreneurs alike to plan about the future of their business. Whilst some are starting to make different business prototypes, business drift and switch, strategic goal placements, new business plan reviews, and even acquisition of new skills; others are genuinely worried about the abruptly stopped economic interactions they used to receive from customers before the heat and hit of the pandemic.

Clothing are no doubt one of mans basic needs, and has been in man’s life since time in memoriam; but whose nerve is going to allow them spend money on quality clothing at a time like this when everyone is literally trying to scribble through the remains of what’s left, and is basically just living? Also, there’s now so much light shone on sustainable fashion, and the need to recycle. At the moment, first, second, third and even fourth grade clothes are now more patronized, with local traders of Bend Down Select stores having higher sales.

This has raised a lot of eyebrows, concerns, and even anxiety from Bespoke Tailors as they are authentically bothered about the future of the brand they represent.

But of course, bespoke tailoring would be sustainable. No doubt, a lot of price slashing and reduction is going emerge even among bespoke designers practicing same genre and values. Competition is going to be ridiculously massive, and brand survival is going to depend solely on whoever is the fittest. But sales would be made, and would be built over time.

Amidst all of the shenanigans and clawing, restructuring and reinventing of brand values and worth should have the most emphasis. It is a better time to involve and include your team members, imploring them on the importance of staying in business, and how best business growth should be fostered.

Nigeria’s 2020 population is estimated to have a total of 206,139,589 number of citizens with about 72.6% appreciating clothes that are flattering, especially when they are custom made. Bespoke Tailoring services are still going to be employed.

Truth is, Nigeria’s resources are starting to be limited, and the impact of the virus hit deeper than anticipated. Bespoke tailoring thrives solely on the execution of purpose, values and luxury. Brands that execute these qualities effortlessly have been standing the test of time and COVID-19 might just be another tunnel to cross before dawn.

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